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Colorectal Cancer Supplement Plan

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Curcumin Phytosome

  • Extracted from the spice turmeric, curcumin has been shown to arrest cancer cell growth, induce programmed cell-death (apoptosis), and increase the efficacy of chemotherapy for treatment resistant colorectal cancer cells.[16] While trials of curcumin suggest at least 4g per day may be more beneficial than lower doses,[17]
  • Suggested dose: 1-2g per day of Meriva® or Longvida® curcumin.[18],[19]


  • Grape seed extract inhibits the growth of cancer cells through several mechanisms, and may have synergistic benefit when used with resveratrol.[24],[25]
  • Suggested dose: 100-200 mg per day

Pterostilbene & Resveratrol

  • This antioxidant interferes with all stages of cancer development, and its low bioavailability may make it more suitable for colorectal cancer.[22] When given to patients with colorectal cancer at a dose of 500-1000mg per day, it reduced tumor proliferation.[23]
  • Suggested dose: 500-100 mg per day.
Vitamin D
  • Vitamin D levels have been associated with both the incidence of colorectal cancer as well as overall mortality.
  • Suggested dose is that sufficient to raise vitamin D blood levels to >40 ng/mL, which may require 5000 IU per day or more.[15]