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Everyday THRIVE Shake is now 'happy being nourished'
Everyday THRIVE Shake is now 'happy being nourished'
  • Everyday THRIVE Shake is now 'happy being nourished'

  • everything you need for complete cellular nutrition in a daily pouch. made with a unique blend of whole-food nutrients, probiotics and polyphenols, happy being nourished is the world's healthiest meal replacement shake.
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happy being nourished

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stress-free nutrition + world class customer service

with a complete nutritional profile plus a unique matrix of plant-based polyphenols and aminos, happy being nourished is everything you need to thrive in one daily shake. pure quality & pure convenience delivered straight to your door, with only 100-110 calories, 16g of protein, and 0g of sugar. plus 24/7 customer service.

the most scientifically advanced meal replacement shake

happy being nourished is the only meal replacement shake on the market that's formulated with nutrients your body recognizes as whole food compounds. superior absorption, superior nutrition, backed by serious science.

cellular health is the foundation of health

cells are the building blocks of your body, and cellular health is the foundation for full-body health. happy being nourished is formulated with cellular nutrition in mind, made with ingredients proven to boost immune health, improve metabolism, and fight cellular inflammation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Love it!

My favorite way to start any day.

Game Changer

I decided to try the Thrive detox when my progress with my health goals had otherwise stalled. Inflammation, fatigue, brain fog and a sluggish metabolism had been dragging me down. After just three days of following the recommended protocol, I felt significant improvement! It's been such a game changer.


The shake is very good, I’m hoping it helps with weight loss!

thrive shake

I love the flavor of the new thrive shake, cannot wait to have one each day!!

Everyday Thrive Shake

I've been using the Everyday Thrive Shake for well over a year now and love it! I'm 23, a previous D1 track athlete, and I have had Crohn's disease since I was 16. I drink this shake nearly everyday and NOTHING makes me feel as good as this shake does. Complications of Crohn's disease include not being able to absorb nutrients from your food as efficiently and extreme fatigue. The nutrients in this shake are extremely absorptive and I can literarily feel it. I feel so energized that I actually thought maybe there was caffeine in the mixture (there isn't any, I asked). Has never upset my extremely sensitive stomach. Tastes great, keeps me full and satisfied- I really couldn't live without this shake!