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Get Solutions Weekly Audience Q&A - Vitamin D Testing - May 20, 2021

Get your questions answered, find out what's new and happening in the store as well as touching on new and relevant research.

Chris Conway: [00:00:00] Thanks to everyone who is attending. This is Chris Conway and Jacqueline Maganas, and we thought because of all the questions and text messages that we get at the store, it would be good to have an open Q&A.

Chris Conway: [00:00:00] Obviously, we've been back to normal hours for a while now. And we just got some news today from the CDC that if you're vaccinated, you really don't need to wear a mask anymore. So it looks like things are opening up around the country and around this area, which is a great, great thing.

Chris Conway: [00:00:57] If you do have a question, you just have to type the question in at the question and answer chat box. We can't hear you or see you.

Chris Conway: [00:01:15] So, Jacqueline, we get a lot of questions in the store, and I have a couple of things that went on today that I thought were really relevant to you in your experience with polyphenols. We've been promoting Thrive Shake for a while now and we've been getting just really consistent, positive responses. Can you give a little insight on what you're seeing with your clients?

Jacqueline Maganas: [00:01:50] Yeah, definitely. So, number one, the Thrive Shake is definitely one of the most advanced shakes on the market today. Not only is it a meal replacement and a way to get protein, but the amount of nutrients and the nutrient profile and the quality of those nutrients are exceptional. There's nothing really comparable in the market for that at all. And like Chris said, for the polyphenols, I've seen amazing results with my clients. Polyphenols are so important for every aspect of our life. But the most important aspects are the gut microbiome. The gut is basically the heart of the immune system in your health. And keeping that really healthy and robust is key. And a lot of people don't know this, but the polyphenols actually feed the gut microbiome. You don't need just fiber, but the polyphenols are a huge part of that. And another big aspect is that it really helps with vasodilation and reducing oxidative stress in your body. Reducing that inflammation, your body and its detoxification phase one process supports the gastro-intestinal lining. It is definitely something that I would say everyone should really have in their daily intake for sure. It looks like we have a question, Chris.

Chris Conway: [00:03:21] I am using the Thrive Shake daily. I know I don't need a multivitamin, but what about D and C?

Chris Conway: [00:03:30] We're getting in Vitamin D test kits and they should be in probably on Monday or Tuesday, pick one of those up and definitely get your vitamin D levels tracked. I take vitamin D on a daily basis, and I was still pretty low in when I had mine checked.

Jacqueline Maganas: [00:03:54] I would pick up one of the test kits just to make sure your levels are optimal. Vitamin D is an incredible nutrient and hormone for every aspect of our life, not just the immune system, so I would definitely get it checked. If you're looking to boost your immune system, I would add in a therapeutic dose of vitamin C, such as 1,000 milligrams (i gram), as vitamin C is a building block for collagen. But other than that, the Thrive Shake really does have everything you need, if there isn't an underlying condition. What do you think, Chris?

Chris Conway: [00:04:58] I totally agree. And I think this idea about testing vitamin D levels is so important. The fact that we're going to be able offer testing for vitamin D very inexpensively is important as many doctors are still not automatically testing vitamin D, which, of course, we're a bit baffled by because there's so much data coming out about vitamin D and the immune system and viruses, including COVID. I think it's going to be great that we can offer our clients and customers this opportunity to get their vitamin D levels tested, because then they'll know for sure exactly where they are and then we can help them get to an optimal level.

Jacqueline Maganas: [00:05:49] Exactly. there's a follow up question. Instead of lunch, I have the shake. I'm surprised I've not lost weight over three weeks. I'll address this first.

Jacqueline Maganas: [00:06:03] There's probably some kind of inflammation happening and this also depends on what else you're eating and doing. So if your insulin and cortisol levels are high, this will cause increased fat storage and keep weight on. I mean, yes, the shake is amazing, but it's not a miracle. And it's really important to address all aspects of your life. Another really good tool to go along with this in the 10-day Jumpstart that we have. So it's doing the two shakes a day, plus a really healthy meal and healthy snacks. That's a great way to really jump start that weight loss, if that's what you're considering. And meal timing is huge, too. So, maybe end your meals around 5:00 pm and then don't eat again until 9:00 am the next morning, an intermittent fasting really helps get your body into a fat burning mode. It's called metabolic flexibility. And that's when your body really starts to, for lack of a better word, eat itself when you are not currently eating.

Chris Conway: [00:07:22] I think you hit all the right points. Weight loss is such a big issue for so many people. And I think it's so important that they understand metabolically everything going on. Consuming high-quality calories that are quickly converted in the body to energy are not stored as fat. So I think that's a very important point.

Jacqueline Maganas: [00:07:53] I see a lot of people who can't lose weight that are having with blood sugar instability. So, that goes right along with the insulin and the cortisol. And if you're not sleeping, that's a stressor that's going to increase cortisol, as is exercising too much or too little. Whatever you're eating for breakfast or dinner or the snacks in between, those do have a huge effect on your blood sugar levels. And if you're constantly on this roller coaster of blood sugar, you're not going to lose weight. So it's definitely a great addition to your daily routine because you are getting all those nutrients and reducing some inflammation that's happening in the body. But it's really important to address all aspects of the life. And then we have a follow up question, What about coffee? Are you asking should you drink coffee? There's a couple of different thoughts on that. If you're in some kind of adrenal fatigue or adrenal burnout, I highly suggest not consuming coffee. If that's not the case, is coffee OK to drink while you're taking the shake? I don't see why not unless you have a sensitivity to coffee. I like to tell people to make sure that you're getting an organic source.

Chris Conway: [00:09:37] One of the challenges with coffee in that it is very acidic. So that can be a challenge. And a lot of people use it for energy. And research shows that effective eating combined with effective exercise is really what promotes optimal energy, and you won't need a stimulant to feel empowered, to feel more energy. I think that's the big challenge with coffee. As long as it's a cup a day, I think it's perfectly fine, but when when you do something to get a rise, you're going to come down harder and you really have to understand that fluctuation. And I think that's really the biggest challenge that I see with coffee and the people I work with. They're using it for all the wrong reasons. And, there's a lot of data that tells us that some of the active ingredients in coffee are very good for you. But the challenge with that is this doesn't mean you should be drinking four or five cups of coffee to get those ingredients. In the Thrive Shake, we have isolated these very unique polyphenols found in coffee, berries, etc, and then we're providing them in a very effective, digestible form. It's a really powerful approach to addressing cellular health and cellular energy.

Jacqueline Maganas: [00:11:23] Chris, I have one more thing to add about coffee. It does actually increase your histamine levels, as well. So increased histamine also increases inflammation. And, if we're looking to lose weight, we need to reduce the inflammation as much as possible. Caffeine does increase histamine because of the metabolic pathways.

Chris Conway: [00:11:48] I think one of the challenges which I've seen is there are so many young kids drinking coffee drinks now. This has the potential to be a big challenge as these kids evolve.

Jacqueline Maganas: [00:12:23] Your body has to metabolize this caffeine. And it's definitely an extra burden on the liver. If you can get off of the caffeine, I would say titrate down if you possibly can, but I think you're better off without it.

Chris Conway: [00:12:47] I just want to touch on what you were talking about with weight loss. You need to make sure you burn calories on a regular basis with exercise. And then if you eat effective calories, like the Thrive Shake, that are quickly converted into energy, this is a very effective way to lose weight. If you come by the store, we'll give you a free body test. And the body test will be very specific to your body fat, to your BMI. The test will tell you exactly where you need to get to to optimize your weight. And then we can give you guidance based on that information.

Jacqueline Maganas: [00:13:56] One other thing about the fact that he hasn't lost weight yet, I would wonder if there's increased calories during the day from another source. This would be important to know. And on our website, we have our full 10-Day Jump Start, so everything's laid out for you, the whole protocol, the foods to include, the foods to avoid and how to proceed. Very simple, super easy, really concise and to the point. And like Chris said, it's measurable calories. So it's an easy way to do it.

Chris Conway: [00:15:01] I think the important thing with weight loss is to understand yourself as an individual and to maintain flexibility, get a good stretching routine going based on what your body can handle. A good brisk walk a couple of times a day, make sure you're hydrated. Remember, when you build muscle, you burn fat. So you really have to find an approach that works for you as an individual. And again, I'm happy to chat with you about that.

Jacqueline Maganas: [00:15:29] The other thing with the walking and stretching, that's great for lymphatic movement, too. Do we have any other follow up questions?

Jacqueline Maganas: [00:15:29] I'm really excited about those vitamin D test kits, and we also have Omega 3 test kits in the store right now, which is really cool. I know Chris did his and he was a little low.

Chris Conway: [00:16:08] I wasn't happy about that.

Jacqueline Maganas: [00:16:11] That just goes to show you, even the the guy that's supposed to have the high omega 3 levels should get tested. I have an infant, and I wish I had access to these tests when I was pregnant, just to make sure what I was consuming was the right levels for me and my baby.

Chris Conway: [00:16:42] And this is just going to evolve, we're going to start having access to more and more testing. We'll let everyone know as soon as we get them.

Jacqueline Maganas: [00:16:53] We do have access to full elite panels for men and women. So if you are having issues, getting them ordered by your doctor, just let us know. We can always run them for you. There really isn't a test that we can't do. If there aren't any other questions, Chris, is there anything else you'd like to discuss?

Chris Conway: [00:17:24] If you come up with more questions, just reach out. Most of you have my direct line or the store number and just let us know and we're happy to help.

Jacqueline Maganas: [00:17:34] We will start doing this now every Thursday at 7:00 pm, same link. We'll send out a reminder. We're also in the store. I'm in the store on Monday and Tuesday and Chris is in and out every day.

Chris Conway: [00:17:54] Awesome! Have a good night, everyone.