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Life Extension Mix™ Tablets

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Studies show that people who eat the most fruits and vegetables enjoy long, healthy lives. But getting the recommended five servings a day is hard. That's why we created Life Extension Mix™.

Gluten free

Benefits & Features

What Are Life Extension Mix Tablets?

Life Extension Mix™ is an advanced, high-potency vitamin, mineral, fruit and vegetable supplement that provides all the daily nutrients your body needs to form the cornerstone of a comprehensive health maintenance program. We’ve combined nature’s most important nutrients into one product, eliminating the need to take dozens of separate supplements.

This state-of-the-art formula packed with potent forms of vitamins, minerals and more, includes a highly bioavailable form of quercetin.

Life Extension Mix™ Tablets Benefits

  • Provides a full spectrum of essential nutrients for whole-body health & longevity
  • Promotes healthy DNA & cellular proliferation
  • Supports metabolic & cardiovascular health
  • Helps inhibit oxidative stress & supports a healthy inflammatory response

Backed by Research

Life Extension Mix™ is a state-of-the-art multi-nutrient formula for advanced supplement users. It contains vegetable, fruit and botanical extracts, as well as high-potency doses of healthy vitamins and minerals. Discover the extensive benefits of Life Extension Mix™!

Additional Information

Product Details

Every daily dose of Life Extension Mix™ gives you an extensive array of nutrients.

Bioactive quercetin phytosome

Life Extension Mix™ contains 5 mg of quercetin that has been integrated into a phytosome, a phospholipid sphere that encases a botanical compound, aiding in its absorption and making it more bioavailable; this quercetin phytosome is up to 50 times more bioavailable than standard quercetin.1 Quercetin promotes healthy immune function and supports cardiovascular and endothelial health.2,3 It also helps inhibit oxidative and inflammatory factors to support immune health.4,5


Found in dark red fruits, delphinidins are potent anthocyanin compounds that activate the production of nitric oxide, supporting endothelial health, promoting vascular relaxation and helping maintain already-healthy blood pressure.6-9 Anthocyanins can also help inhibit inflammatory factors and glycation to support immune health, protect DNA structure and help maintain healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range.10-15 Our formula features delphinidins from maqui berry extract.16

Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate

Glycation is a normal part of the aging process that can affect your health.17-20 To help inhibit glycation, each daily dose of Life Extension Mix™ provides 100 mg of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate, a metabolically active B6 that has been shown to help inhibit glycation reactions.21,22

Standardized pomegranate extract

Our pomegranate extract is standardized to provide punicalagins specific to this fruit. These potent polyphenols have a wide range of health benefits: They help maintain blood pressure already within the normal range, promote healthy endothelial function, inhibit oxidative stress, positively influence a host of markers for metabolic and cardiovascular health and promote a healthy inflammatory response.23-34

Blueberry extracts

Life Extension Mix™ features a wild blueberry extract packed with active blueberry constituents. Blueberry anthocyanins help inhibit free radicals, while blueberry's other active constituents promote healthy lipid and glucose levels for those already within the normal range.35,36 Even more exciting: these blueberry constituents may help protect DNA structure and promote healthy cellular proliferation.37-39 In clinical studies, blueberries have been shown to inhibit inflammatory factors and have antioxidant benefits to support a healthy immune system and encourage healthy cognitive function.40-43

Standardized green tea extract

Green tea is packed with polyphenol compounds, the most important of which is epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). A daily dose of Life Extension Mix contains 325 mg of a decaffeinated green tea extract standardized to provide 98% of the active polyphenols that scientists believe are responsible for green tea's multiple health benefits. Green tea has been shown to help protect against oxidation, support healthy cellular proliferation, promote cardiovascular and metabolic health, maintain healthy DNA structure and protect nerve cells.44-62

Standardized vegetable extracts

Life Extension Mix™ offers a wide array of vegetable extracts, including a concentrated broccoli mixture with standardized extracts of sulforaphane and glucosinolates, which are believed to have detoxifying properties, promote healthy DNA and protect from oxidative stress, among many other health benefits.63-66

Life Extension Mix™ also contains lutein and lycopene. Lutein, an antioxidant extracted from marigold and also found in leafy greens such as kale and spinach, has been shown to help maintain critical pigments in the macula to support eye health.67 Lycopene from tomatoes helps maintain healthy DNA and cell proliferation and protect against LDL oxidation.68-71

Standardized fruit extracts

In addition to our standardized pomegranate and wild blueberry extracts, Life Extension Mix™ also features luteolin, a flavonoid shown to protect against oxidation and help inhibit inflammatory factors to support immune health.72-74 Our formula also provides fruit extracts such as bilberry, grape seed and citrus packed with potent antioxidants to promote visual acuity, a healthy inflammatory response and healthy blood circulation.75-77

Our proprietary formula is fortified with tart cherry for its antioxidant benefits for cardiovascular and brain health, as well as muscle support.78-84 It also includes a customized blend of blackberry, cranberry, plum, elderberry, persimmon, cherry and other fruits which studies indicate provide multiple favorable effects on the body.

Numerous studies have pointed toward the many benefits of olive polyphenols, and Life Extension Mix™ contains an olive extract standardized to provide polyphenols like hydroxytyrosol that have been shown to help inhibit LDL oxidation and protect against oxidative damage to support cardiovascular health.85,86

Sesame seed lignan extract

Life Extension Mix™ provides 10 mg of a sesame seed lignan extract to promote healthy levels of gamma tocopherol along with many other health-promoting properties.87-89 Sesame seed lignans also protect lipids from oxidation, help support metabolic health, help maintain already-normal cholesterol/LDL levels and enhance the beneficial effects of fish oils.90-95

Nutrients to maintain metabolic and cardiovascular health

Life Extension Mix™ contains 500 mcg of Crominex® 3+, the most advanced chromium complex, as well as highly absorbable forms of magnesium and biotin to maintain healthy glucose metabolism, beneficially impact lipid levels and promote cardiovascular health.96-104

High-potency vitamin D3

Evidence shows that many people are not supplementing with enough vitamin D, a critical nutrient for maintaining strong bone density and healthy muscle, promoting cardiovascular health and healthy glucose metabolism, supporting the immune system and more.105-108 Currently, most experts in the field believe that intakes between 1,000 and 4,000 IU for adults will lead to a healthier blood level of vitamin D; however, some individuals may require higher doses to achieve a target blood level of 50-80 ng/mL for 25-hydroxyvitamin D.109

Each daily dose of Life Extension Mix™ provides 2,000 IU of vitamin D3. What's more, this formula contains only 500 IU of preformed vitamin A. Preformed vitamin A may interfere with some of the actions of vitamin D (but this has not been shown to be the case with beta-carotene), yet most multivitamins contain between 5,000 and 25,000 IU of preformed vitamin A.

Cyanidin-3-glucoside (C3G)

Life Extension Mix™ contains 1.25 mg of C3G to support eye health. Found in blackberries and black currants, this potent compound promotes healthy levels of rhodopsin, a compound that absorbs light in the retina, and enhances night vision.110

In a clinical study, just 50 mg of a berry extract concentrate containing C3G helped aging, healthy individuals see better in the darkness after 30 minutes.111 C3G, which is highly bioavailable, also has potent antioxidant properties and supports endothelial cell health.112-115

5-MTHF (5-methyltetrahydrofolate)

Folate helps maintain homocysteine levels within the normal range, which is associated with cardiovascular health and supports cognitive function. One dose of our formula contains 680 mcg DFE of the 5-MTHF form of folate, which is up to seven times more bioactive than ordinary folic acid.116

Selenium and apigenin

Life Extension Mix™ contains three potent forms of selenium (SelenoExcell®, Se-methyl-selenocysteine and sodium selenite) a trace mineral with powerful antioxidant properties to support healthy cellular division, heart and brain health, as well as thyroid function.117,118

Also included is apigenin, a powerful bioflavonoid found in many vegetables and fruits, with lots of beneficial effects to protect the body from oxidative damage, promote healthy inflammatory response and help maintain already-healthy blood pressure and cell division.119-122

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Recommended Use

Dosage and Use

Take eight (8) tablets daily in divided doses with meals, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.


Temporary flushing, itching, rash, or gastric disturbances may occur. Liver function testing is recommended when niacin is taken in excess of 500 mg daily. Those with gout or liver diseases should avoid taking high doses of niacin. Consult with your doctor before using this product if you are taking anticoagulant medications. Individuals consuming more than 50 mcg (2000 IU)/day of vitamin D (from diet and supplements) should periodically obtain a serum 25-hydroxy vitamin D measurement. Vitamin D supplementation is not recommended for individuals with high blood calcium levels. Individuals with in-born errors of copper metabolism (e.g. Wilson's disease) should avoid daily, chronic use of this product.


Do not purchase if outer seal is broken or damaged.
When using nutritional supplements, please consult with your physician if you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition or if you are pregnant or lactating.

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